Experience the Mission Inc: A Worldwide Plan

Experience the Mission (ETM) is a ministry and a movement headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan. The Ministry started with a vision for souls to be saved from eternal, social and personal poverty which is the whole gospel as presented by Christ. Our biblical heritage calls us to transform urban social change agencies and communities with a reforming project that is sensitive to this evolving world. ETM has a comprehensive urban-ministry plan to set forth a vision, goals, and outcomes which will organize and resource congregations and faith-based community organizations. The Movement is a grassroots initiative empowering congregations and church-based organizations to develop local strategies for urban ministry. The objective of ETM is to work within present structures and existing resources to leverage new opportunities for urban ministry.

The Seven Pillars

(1) Risking all we have to share God's transforming love as experienced through Jesus Christ in both word and deed;
(2) Ministering with and among the poor;
(3) Transforming and developing Social change agencies;
(4) Celebrating and honoring diversity within the church, church-related organizations, agencies, and the community;
(5) Living and proclaiming God's justice and equality in every situation without fear of being isolated and ridiculed;
(6) Being an agent for healing in the midst of broken lives and communities; and
(7) Effectively developing the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of individuals and communities.

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