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Mission statement:

Transforming and developing urban social change agencies by becoming an agent for healing in the midst of broken lives and communities while effectively developing the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of individuals and communities.

$1 will change the world! Imagine 1,000,000 people coming together for change in any local community and each one only spending one dollar. We have so many issues in our cities that are not being addressed by government, we can no longer afford to wait! We MUST come together and focus on transforming our neighborhoods, we are here to prove that people WILL make the difference! Together we can transform cities simply by coming together as a group.
No child should go to bed hungry, or suffer from hypothermia due to lack of winter clothing or blankets. These are things that are happening right here in our own back yard, it is unacceptable. If you are tired of standing by waiting for help to come join our movement, together we are the help! You may be just one person in the world, but to one person you will make a world of difference. This is your opportunity to change the future and lives of the people who need it most.

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. – Psalm 82:3
The salvation we claim should be transforming us in the totality of our personal and social responsibilities. Faith without works is dead. – Lausanne Covenant
Who: Experience the mission has created a group called “The Fellowship of the Concerned” focused on tangible change in the world. This group is comprised of people like yourself that will commit to at least $1 every month to see communities redeveloped!
What: We will identify a different community to deposit up to $500,000 to bring tangible change in the lives of people through grassroots organizing and life changing theology!
Where: In a different community every month
When: Starting now! Our first goal of raising 1 million supporters who are all willing to give at least $1
Why: We can no longer sit back and wait on hope to change our community
How: God’s grace, hard work and your support
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