Experience the Mission Inc: A Worldwide Plan

Have you ever heard someone say “That’s impossible!” What would our world be like if everyone believed those words? Those who have changed the world and changed people’s lives are those who wouldn’t accept the words “That’s impossible”.
Here at Experience the Mission (ETM) we believe that the “impossible” will be possible! We believe our organization can impact the lives of people nationwide in a profound and unique way. We want to bring about a change in communities across the nation by giving non profit organizations, businesses, and local ordinances the tools they need to grow and have longevity. Experience the Mission (ETM) is a ministry and a movement headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan which started with a vision for souls to be saved from eternal, social and personal poverty which is the whole gospel as presented by Christ. Our biblical heritage calls us to transform urban social change agencies and communities with a reforming project that is sensitive to this evolving world. And our vision is expanding…

The Seven Pillars

ETM is kicking off our “Mission Possible: Two Million in 348” Campaign on February 18th! Our goal is to raise $2,000,000.00 in 348 days so we can expand ETM to cities in Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan and other communities throughout the United States. The success of this campaign will allow us to build programs in areas such as:
- Foster Care Transition Planning
- Media Arts
- Nonprofit Development
- Substance Rehabilitation
- Developing local market initiatives for organic food products
and much, much, more!!
Please make a gift to help us turn our Mission Possible into Mission Accomplished! Your donation will help us provide foster care to hundreds of children and resources to hundreds of people within communities throughout the United States.
Don’t turn down an opportunity to make the impossible possible. Click here to make your tax-deductible donation now.