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Experience the Mission seeks to create a Media Arts Program for youth participating in both an afterschool program and a summer enrichment program. The program will introduce youth grades 7th – 12th grades to media concepts including filmmaking, writing for media outlets, editing their own stories, music production, writing music, and graphic design for marketing and advertising. Throughout the school year and summer months, youth will create a media project that incorporates mixed media. Youth will complete at least two major projects that will be shared with their peers, their families, and members of the community at a showcase that will be filmed for local cable television.

Many youth in our program come from low-income families who do not have access to the same resources that youth in higher socio-economic statuses have available to them. Many children in our program do not realize their full potential because of their life situations. They also have little or no access to technology. This program would provide youth with a new skill set which would set them apart from their peers and allow them to realize that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to do.

Throughout the program, youth will learn how to take a closer look at their lives and their neighborhood while expressing their views in their own words. They will gain valuable skills pertaining to filmmaking and music production which will allow them to excel above their peers as well as globally. This experience will encourage many to continue towards secondary education with majors and future careers in not only the media arts such as film and music production, but also engineering, science, mathematics, and technology. The latter subjects are most known as STEM majors and are critical aspects when working within the media arts industry.

Youth will learn the many facets of media arts including script writing, how to use a camera, different types of shots, and using editing software to create a finished product. Music production will also be included in the film making process. Youth will improve their writing skills as well and using artistic expression to create a film. Through the Media Arts Program, they will improve and develop essential social skills through interactions with other children. They will learn to respect one another and their community as well as learn the value of teamwork. Youth will gain self-confidence by creating a finished product that they can claim as their own work and show to their peers, families and members of the community. Finally, they will expand self-awareness by using moving images and music to express their feelings, views, and individuality.


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