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Experience the Mission, Inc. (ETM) is a 501(c)3 Community Development Corporation (CDC). Our purpose is to assist communities and organizations within the community in obtaining the awareness and funding needed to sustain and grow. We find that many organizations struggle to develop into an effective organization for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the community.

ETM consists of a team who recognizes the mission of adjusting the mindset for success dealing with every facet of the human lifestyle also known as the 7 mountains: Business; Family; Religion; Education; Government; Media; Arts and Entertainment. We have found a new leader or a leader who is not experiencing progression or growth often needs a change in their current mindset. After an initial assessment, our team members assist the client as needed. A strategic plan is put in place and the consultant(s) then provides specific services as necessary.

ETM is not the average, usual, or everyday organization. ETM is truly “an experience” by assisting leaders in achieving their own mission and/or journey. Our is to empower, build and stretch the leader to their maximum potential, beyond what they can see. Our team works with leaders and organizations of all economic levels therefore developing creative packages that are affordable.

“A place where you can expect to experience a change in mindset leading to positive life changes”


Changing the mindset of the ENTREPRENEUR

The Entrepreneur must believe that there are no other options except success. Courage must replace all fear by understanding there are risks that must be taken. They must empower themselves with knowledge in the area in which they are operating their business. They must be learning continually and on purpose, while surrounding themselves with team players who are both willing and able to effectively execute the vision. They understand how to share the vision and encourage others to follow the set mission.


Changing the mindset of the Business Professional

The Business Professional, although not an owner, must feel and project a sense of ownership. This is imperative as a representative of an organization or company. They must believe that doing their best is the only option in the workplace. They must be willing to become goal-oriented effectively completing small and large projects. They must master the skills of conflict-resolution: avoiding being a part of the problem, and always being a part of the solution. They must become an advocate who balances the role of leadership and follower maintaining integrity and respect.


Changing the mindset of the SPIRITUAL LEADER

The Spiritual Leader must know who they are and be aware of the depth of their influence not only in words but in actions, emotions as well as spiritual energy. They must believe that they are the change agent of positive influence. It is critical for Spiritual Leaders to maintain balance in their own lives and have a healthy way to be refreshed and restored throughout seasons of life. They must be able to cast vision and reveal purpose to those in connection with the organization.

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