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Foster Care home

Transitional homeEarl D. Shoulders Jr. Transitional Home

Please assist us financially in acquiring and renovating this lovely home located in the Port Huron community. Your donation will go toward making this home into a much needed transitional home for those troubled and foster youth who are near legal adult age or recently became legal but require skills to transition successfully as a healthy and productive adult.  

Proposed benefits include:
* Stable living environment in transitional housing units for a 12- month

* Assistance with other material sustenance as they transition to self-

* A comprehensive and mandatory training, counseling and coaching program designed to
  equip them with basic life and social skills necessary to survive and thrive on their own.

This is the first of several homes due to the demanding need within the community of Port Huron, MI. A few of the homes will also have sponsors that are industry specific, such as: Technology; Engineering and Math; Science (Healthcare); Agriculture; Fine Art; and Music. These homes will house young adults whose educational and career focus is in these specific areas.

View our video for more information regarding the need for foster care homes, here.

Grocery Store

Project3_Page_1Industrial Park Mini-Market

Establishing this mini-market/grocery store within the community is critical due to the particular area of Port Huron, Michigan deemed a food desert.  Industrial Park Mini-Market – Establishing this healthy or organic mini-market/grocery store within the community is critical due to the particular area of Port Huron, Michigan being deemed by the FDA as a food desert. A food desert is defined as a urban neighborhood or a rural town without easy access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. In America, 23 ½ million people live in areas that the FDA have deemed as food deserts. More than half, which is about 13.5 million people in confirmed FDA food deserts are low-income families. This makes it even more difficult for the families to travel beyond their surroundings to purchase fresh, healthy and affordable food. Help us raise the funds to purchase the land, pay the contractors and have buying to a local healthy or organic grocery store within the south side of Port Huron, Michigan.

Tutoring and Mentoring Program (EDSF)

Community Theological Institute

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