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There is a baby born without breath. The doctors work quickly to save her, and she takes her first breath. From there she goes on to develop new life saving technologies. A man attempts suicide, but he is unsuccessful. He would later go on to help with suicide prevention, saving hundreds of lives. A person has over dosed and they are brought back to life. They then go on to help save the lives of thousands of others caught in the horrors of addiction. What are second chances? Some call it God’s grace, God’s unmerited favor, a kindness we don’t deserve. Sometimes we might have a plan for our lives, but God has a much bigger plan in store for us. A plan that we could never predict. Maybe a second chance is living a life built on sin and being restored, rescued from a horrible life. Going on to be a good person and contribute to society in a positive way, one that we could have never foreseen before. We live our lives touching others and helping them out of their wickedness, guiding them to the light and showing them God’s righteousness. Second chances are something that not everyone gets the privilege of experiencing. What will we do with a new beginning? Do something great with your second chance, change the world by contributing great works and endless love for others. There is a reason you have been given a second chance, make the most of it. Make a difference.